Privacy Settings and Recent Updates on WhatsApp for Android

We already know that WhatsApp is the most popular chat application. WhatsApp has recently introduced a fresh privacy update i.e., v2.11.169 for Android which gives new privacy options. Everyone can know your last seen in WhatsApp. If you do not like to display your last seen option to your friends or everyone, you can easily set the privacy settings. In setting options the “last seen notification” options is available. You can also select who can see your profile picture and also status message. The available options are everyone can see it, only your mobile contacts can see it and also set no one can see it.


There are some other changes in WhatsApp, The mute option has been updated more functionality. Earlier, when you muted a particular group, however you will received the all the notifications. But now muting the particular group makes it totally silent until you open the particular application. However, we are still facing some problem that is, there is no permanent mute choice and also maximum period you have to choose continuous one week.


Now you can also pay for your friend. It is possibly to select from 1, 3, or 5 year membership option and surprise this to a friend making use of PayPal, Google Wallet as well as mailing payment web page link. Finally the broadcast messages notification bar is already removed and you may still post broadcast messages.


You want to know the step by step process for last seen notification and whatever with screen-shots then you have to search it on Google for Privacy and recent updates on WhatsApp. Some android app development companies had already written the brief article on this topic. Nowadays android app development is increasing day by day with launched new range of chat applications.


Points to be Remembered while choose mobile app development

Nowadays mobile app development is growing day by day. The present situation is that all smartphone devices and various applications have increased a lot of reputation. Currently, a mobile device is not just for make calls. With the availability of mobile app development services, people as well as organizations already started generating special and modern applications, that offers number of features for example web browsing, email, online games, visual graphics, and WiFi services.


There are some points to be remembered while we choose a good mobile application development.

Choosing the best platform

We already know that every mobile app is different from all platforms like iPhone, android and so on. Each and every organization will process its own techniques on creating various apps. So it is very important to choose a suitable platform for the whole mobile apps development companies.

Target the audience

This is very important to focus on the whole viewers before we begin with the procedure. According to this, we can easily decide, when the application is perfect for all consumers and also enterprise mobile apps

Plan For the Budget and Timing

First of all we have to plan for budget and timing to make perfect mobile applications. Because most of the clients need to specific time and low budget to develop single application. For example, we can develop one high quality and most popular app then we can demand them for high budget. So we have to strictly follow the time management and budget.


Wireless apps get improved the way in which mobile devices are being utilized these days. Currently organizations mainly focus on the mobile applications which can be very progressive and also unique. The purpose of mobile app development is to develop the wide range of mobile apps both free and premium which can be available in the app store. All companies need some powerful mobile apps that can provide a number of functions which includes surfing the web, gaming, educational, entertainment, social networking and many more. Mobile app developers can easily design, develop and also modulate the entire application as per the client requirements. Finally, it doesn’t matter anyone can access the whole world currently with any kind of smartphone.

Top Must have Messaging Apps for Android

U&Me Messenger (Free)

U&Me Messenger is a well-known chat application that supports all platforms. By using this app, you can send unlimited free text messages with live beautiful stickers. If you want to send a message at a time, you can create a group and add people then send within seconds.

Apart from messaging, you can also send Voice messages, File Attachments, image sharing make Free Audio/ Video Calls across mobile devices. This messenger is available in all major platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. It is completely free of cost. Just you need to have internet connection only.



Whatsapp is presumably the most prominent and popular messaging application for sending and receiving messages with Wi-Fi or local data pack mobile connections.

No more totally free, but after its just $0.99 for every year with the first year free. WhatsApp handles all of your fundamental requirements from a messaging services. The sending of number of text messages and also create your own group and inviting your friends, pictures, stickers and voice messages are all fully supported.


SnapChat is also another application for communicating people via smartphones. This app consist, you can send messages as well as images within a second. Images are captured and you can send it immediately.

You can add text messages with under the images. So you will show your feelings with images with text to your friends. One main feature is that, you can save your own image in this app.

Kik (Free)

Kik is also like whatsapp, you can chat your friends individually as well as group chat. The whole contacts can be imported from your mobile contacts those can already using this application. It is also possible to add different people once you know their particular nickname.

The all above apps are more popular in today’s world. Most of the android app development companies will try to develop more messaging apps with huge features in upcoming days.

Basic Tips to choose Best Mobile App Development Company

Nowadays there are huge number of mobile app development companies in the industry. It is difficult to choose best app Development Company, so you have to keep in mind some few points. This article determines some basic points to consider to decide which mobile app development service to select. If you want any advice on selecting right mobile apps Development Company, then contact us.

Some basic points while choosing mobile apps Development Company:

Field Experience: The capability of the company mainly depends upon the number of years which it can be spent in the field. You have to focus on the more experience and it can deliver quality apps.

Infrastructure: There are various platforms such as iPhone, android, blackberry and so on. You have to select the best platform for mobile application development. The particular company must have infrastructure ability for developing small scale as well as large scale projects. In addition the company needs to have facilities to make project in any platform.

Portfolios: You have to check previous portfolios to verify the each and every app success or not and it is available in the app store or not.

Developer skills: Before you choose a particular project, the technical knowledge skills of the each and every developer has to be checked. A well skilled and technically good developer can only develop best features in the mobile apps.

Good Support: When you give some project, the entire mobile app developers’ team should be friendly, so that you can easily tell about your app requirements. You can also check the client testimonials in order to confirm the service given by the mobile apps development company.