Privacy Settings and Recent Updates on WhatsApp for Android

We already know that WhatsApp is the most popular chat application. WhatsApp has recently introduced a fresh privacy update i.e., v2.11.169 for Android which gives new privacy options. Everyone can know your last seen in WhatsApp. If you do not like to display your last seen option to your friends or everyone, you can easily set the privacy settings. In setting options the “last seen notification” options is available. You can also select who can see your profile picture and also status message. The available options are everyone can see it, only your mobile contacts can see it and also set no one can see it.


There are some other changes in WhatsApp, The mute option has been updated more functionality. Earlier, when you muted a particular group, however you will received the all the notifications. But now muting the particular group makes it totally silent until you open the particular application. However, we are still facing some problem that is, there is no permanent mute choice and also maximum period you have to choose continuous one week.


Now you can also pay for your friend. It is possibly to select from 1, 3, or 5 year membership option and surprise this to a friend making use of PayPal, Google Wallet as well as mailing payment web page link. Finally the broadcast messages notification bar is already removed and you may still post broadcast messages.


You want to know the step by step process for last seen notification and whatever with screen-shots then you have to search it on Google for Privacy and recent updates on WhatsApp. Some android app development companies had already written the brief article on this topic. Nowadays android app development is increasing day by day with launched new range of chat applications.


Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Application

Nowadays android and iPhone platform‘s operating systems are biggest part in human life.There is some reason behind this fact– They support huge number of useful applications such as social networking, gaming, security apps, health care apps, educational apps, and so on over the store. People wants to install such apps in their smartphones, as they have lots of features and advantages as well as disadvantages too.

I will share some important advantages and disadvantages of mobile applications from entire developers team and user side.


  • Mobile applications are good for linear processes and tools.

  • They provide lot of functionality and information within a single touch.

  • Apps have access to phones’ social networking apps, latitude, location, GPS, camera and other features.

  • Users can download games their mobile devices instead of playing through online

  • Apps are more useful to kids for teaching and story telling with animation effects.

  • People can use anything from mobile device without computer, by using some apps we can watch movies and Tv shows also.

  • It gives large amount of revenue and earn fortunes for you.


  • The competition of app stores is high, less than 20% of brand apps are downloaded more than 1000 times nearly.

  • Mobile application development process require good amount of investment.

  • Before install any app, users need to use and some experience on it. Because some of the applications fail to download.

  • If it is paid version or highly ad supported, user can dislike it.

  • Number of applications do not support some smartphones when executing on older versions.

  • Now a days there is lot of competition to publish the app in app store for getting downloads. So first you need to get more visitors before you submit the app in the marketplace.

Suppose if you want to require a best application to clients, you need to hire good professional for developing iPhone, blackberry, windows, android app development operating system platforms. Even if you develop mobile apps by good professionals, you may not ensure that it wll be popular and bring more income for you. Mobile applications have lots of advantages and disadvantages, you just require to determine all of them suitably.

Top Important Points to Find a Right Mobile Application Development Company

Nowadays electronic devices become main part of our daily life. We consider mobile is the first part. Today, people are highly addicted to mobile devices because it having number of features with wide range of applications such as- you can send and receive messages and calls from other mobiles, play games and know everything by using social networking apps.

If you want to find best mobile app development services, checkout the following tips that can guide you in selecting suitable company from where you want to get preferred applications for your smart phone. When you want to search a particular company, you need to know the factors that make a company famous and well-known.


Top Tips


  • The first and main important thing is to provide quality and good products for long time with best satisfaction of the customers to make your mobile app development company famous. If you want to find out a company which has been providing services for some years and also have created trust among them by making most useful apps. From that you are able to confirm, whether it can be gainful for your requirement to contact that company or not.


  • Apart from experience in the part of mobile app development for mobile devices, the company need to implement latest technology for developing wide range of quality apps for all operating systems. If you launch latest mobile app, a newly released application might turn into older in a short period of time. When you want to purchase an app, you need to search for the latest version of the application and read users review.


  • You need to find out one important thing whether the app is user friendly or not? You cannot reject this issue while selecting a good company to purchase applications for your mobile device.

Finally you need to understand that getting mobile app development services from a registered company is always a risk free option.